The main missions of the purchasing center are:

  • The supply of orthopedic products for providers of private and public non-profit or controlled-benefit rehabilitation services in order to continue working, organizations and institutions working in the field of disability;
  • The placing of orders with suppliers in accordance with the provisions of its procedures manual at national, regional and international levels;
  • The transfer of these orthopedic products to the members at a social cost which could include a small profit;
  • Seek other forms of financing through partnerships and services to ensure the necessary investments, the regular functioning of the organs, to build up reserves and to cope with price increases on the international market;
  • Support and capacity building of its members to better manage supply and its renewal, particularly through the computerization of management;
  • Guarantee compliance with the Code of Ethics signed by all members. The content of the Code of Ethics will be detailed later. In these broad lines, it should contain (the establishment of transparent management, the establishment of a patient circuit, technology, access to care by a greater number, the establishment of staff training, quality label, etc.);
  • Organizing training on the appropriate use of products for members;
  • Participation in product validity tests