The Statutes of the NGO OADCPH

It is founded in Dakar between the adherents to these statutes, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) governed by the law in force in the country of declaration, with the title “African Organization for the Development of Centers for People with Disabilities”. (OADCPH)

The main objective of the Organization:

Consists of creating in Africa an Organization governed by the provisions of private law (non-profit association law) and subject to the obligation of control of its members and partners for the execution of a social public health mission.
Its main purpose is to promote access to orthopedic products for all categories of people with disabilities and for all of its members.
The added value of the Organization will be to invest in supporting its members in terms of continuing education, advice, evaluation and follow-up provided that members comply with the Statutes and internal regulations and the code of ethics.