Who are we?

The NGO “African Organization for the Development of Centers for People with Disabilities (OADCPH)” is a non-profit organization headquartered in Lomé, Avépozo Route d’Aného. Founded in 2012, it currently brings together 84 members structures and organizations from 34 African countries.

The OADCPH aims to promote access to rehabilitation care for people with disabilities (functional rehabilitation, orthopedic devices, and the management of any other type of disability), improve the quality of care and promote the sustainability of rehabilitation structures.

To do this, an associative purchasing center for orthopedic and rehabilitation products in general for disabled people (orthopedic components, technical walking and rolling aids, basic raw materials, tools, machines and equipment, etc.) has been set up. place to guarantee the continuity of activities beyond the presence of international partners. The central purchasing body is non-profit and rehabilitation service providers are members. The choice of this institutional arrangement guarantees the sustainability of the central purchasing body but also takes into account the economic and social situation of the main beneficiaries, particularly people with disabilities and their families.

The added value of OADCPH is to provide support to its members in terms of continuous training, support-advice, monitoring, evaluation, and supply of components / equipment and tools provided that they respect the internal regulations. and the status of the organization. It is open to all stakeholders in the field of disability, private and public, but also to organizations and institutions working in the field of disability in Africa.

Through its central purchasing body, OADCPH ensures the supply of all requesting members (who meet the criteria) and mainly at the national, sub-regional and regional levels.

In addition to its central purchasing office, OADCPH seeks donor partners around the world to help people with disabilities who do not have the means to take care of themselves.