The African Organization for the Development of Centers for People with Disabilities known as OADCPH is a non-political, non-profit NGO unique in its kind in Africa. It was founded in 2011 and installed in Togo since 2012. The OADCPH is recognized as a public utility for the Togolese government with which it signed a program agreement in 2015 and in 2018 a headquarters agreement.

The OADCPH, whose regional office is based in Togo, is headed by a board of directors made up of representatives of structures for people with disabilities, representatives, partners but also sympathizers from different sectors of activity of the community.

The board of directors meets once a year (physically or through internet consultation) and members are elected for a period of two (02) years renewable by tacit agreement.

The board of directors delegates powers to the Executive Directorate which manages the NGO and ensures its proper functioning.

OADCPH is now made up of 84 functional rehabilitation centers which have membership status, and which are part of 34 African countries. It remains open to all private and public fitting and functional rehabilitation centers, but also to organizations and institutions working in the field of disability.

The OADCPH was created to respond to the issue of difficulties in accessing assistive technologies for people with disabilities in general.

Indeed, only 15 to 25% of people who need it have access to technical aids. Production is low and often of poor quality. In addition, there is a lack of trained personnel to manage the distribution of these products, especially in the provinces and districts. And, where it could be accessed, the costs are often prohibitive. While technical aids make it possible to maintain or improve the mobility and autonomy of individuals, thus contributing to their well-being.

The OADCPH aims to be progressively a channel of access to assistive technologies in all areas of disability. Since its creation, it has specialized and has become an essential reference in Africa in the supply of mobility aid devices, orthopedic consumables, raw materials and rehabilitation equipment.

Aware that the ecosystem of assistive technologies in Africa in general does not meet the needs of the population, the OADCPH has set up an Associative Purchasing Center and support activities to develop an ecosystem that can meet the present and future needs of the population, which will be efficient and sustainable.


The raison d’être of the OADCPH is to « Promote the right of access to assistive technologies and quality rehabilitation care and at a lower cost for a greater number of people with disabilities in Africa, and this in a sustainable way. « 

The objectives of the OADCPH are to:

  • Help improve the quality of care provision in the field of disability in Africa
  • Promote the sustainability of rehabilitation structures in Africa
  • Guarantee a reliable and secure supply system for assistive technology in Africa
  • Support and strengthen the capacities of actors intervening in the field of disability in Africa.


The OADCPH pursues a social mission in Africa, that of strengthening the ecosystem of assistive technologies in order to promote access to assistive technologies for people with disabilities.

In order to support its actions, it provides goods and services through its associative purchasing center.

The OADCPH does not seek to make a profit, but its profits are used mainly to finance the social actions on which it is positioned, and to ensure its functioning and the continuous training of its staff in order to guarantee a better service.


From three (03) axes of intervention, the OADCPH after ten years of experience is now moving to five (05) axes which are related to areas related to an ecosystem of efficient assistive technologies as defined by WHO:

Assistance with access to services (Assistance with access to AT for the most disadvantaged, support donation)
2. Continuous training of rehabilitation professionals, service managers and administrative staff
3. Advisory support for the development of services and for technical questions
4. Development of solutions and innovation
5. Supplying the centers with materials and components for rehabilitation care through the Purchasing Center


Aware of the major economic, social and environmental challenges facing the planet and by placing sustainable development at the heart of its strategy, the OADCPH in the fight against global warming by taking its environmental responsibilities.

Since 2015, it has invested in the use of solar panels and is now 95% powered by this system.

Regular maintenance and energy audits of electrical and solar installations make it possible to carry out a detailed inventory of the building’s energy performance and ensure good use of energy and have a positive impact on the environment.










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